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1st Edition Neverending Story


You know what’s hard to track down? 1st edition books. But thank goodness for E-Bay because now Immortal Alexander and I are the proud owners of  The Neverending Story‘s 1st english translation.

Which is something I didn’t realize, this book was originally written in German. Who knew?

Why go through the trouble to find this edition?

Three main reasons.

  1. Because we both love the movie
  2. Neither of us have read the book version
  3. The Illustrations in this particular edition are gorgeous


Also, we’re nerds.

So I wanted to share with you guys some of the this book’s artwork. And after I read this puppy, I’ll come back and do a little retrospective/ or Book vs. Movie kinda thing.

Here’s one of the inside illustrations:


And this sassiness is the very first chapter heading.

You have to look at it in a mirror to read it correctly! So flippin’ clever.

NEStitle page2

What kind of 1st edition books would you love to get your hands on?


A bloody quest in a cyberpunk wasteland

Last week I brought you a heart reaching cartoon with dragons. This week, let’s wander into the world of Sci-Fi with this little ol’ animation called:



It’s a visually stunning cyberpunk sci-fi animated short film. It an action packed thought covered in blood and crafted through combat in a stunningly designed world.

Here’s a little more info about the project from their description on YouTube:

“The short-film was created entirely by young comic-artist Jesús Orellana with no budget during a single year.
Following the successful festival run, the short film has attracted the attention of the major talent-agencies and Hollywood producers. 20th Century Fox will be adapting a Live-Action Feature of ROSE to be directed by Jesús Orellana. It will be produced by Simon Kinberg of Genre Films, along with Scott Glassgold & Raymond Brothers of I Am Entertainment. The script will be based on an original story by Jesús Orellana that will expand from the original short film.” [Yutub Maker]

Saturday Morning Escapes

Finally! A post!!

Ok, so now that I’ve finally (hopefully) figured out how to juggle multiple blogs (Forgive me, but I’m now writing for 4 of them. Eeep!!)

I wanted to revisit my initial thoughts on what I wanted Twisted Bubble Books to be. And mainly I needed an outlet for my Fantasy and Sci-Fi musings.

If it’s dark and twisted, it tends to end up on no matter what the sub-genre, but there are a lot of stories and imagery that are nowhere near that grey land of horror. 

Also, I draw a lot of anthropomorphic adorableness that I want to share, but it really doesn’t fit into my horror site. So this will be the home for that as well.

Art and Story will be my driving forces.

sintel.30005To start off with I plan on posting here once a week Saturday morning Escapes has a nice ring to it I think.

So to start us off, I know we could both probably do with a little non-commercial inspiration time from the Holiday mayhem.

So here’s a Saturday Morning Animation I think you’ll enjoy.

(The animation is freaking gorgeous, and the dragon stole my heart.)

Head’s up – this might make you cry…


Welcome to Twisted Bubble Books!

Pocket dragon, artwork by me :-)
Pocket dragon, artwork by me 🙂

This will soon be the home to sci-fi and fantasy books, comics, and (the occasional) movie reviews, my personal artwork, and puppetry projects.  Twisted bubble books will be primarily book-centric, but my spastic-knowledge-questing mind will certainly bring you some random sidetracks along the way.

I’m Jeanette, YouTube personality for Haunting TV, blogger for (currently found at, and (currently found on

Why the massive change? Well, when I started my blogging career, it was waaay back during my days in college, learning about costume and set design for theater. I started blogging for artful pursuit as a way to keep writing about things I found interesting or things I wanted to reference again later. At this moment in time I have found myself through 5 years of full-time production design for feature films and discovered that blogging and youtubing is satisfying far more of my artistic needs than the full-time film career was. Now I am writing my scripts for a new web-series, meeting more and more incredible people doing all sorts of diverse things and I just feel entirely invigorated.  And after getting so into my horror fandom with Haunting TV and Horror Made, I just wanted (yet another) outlet that would allow me to share my joy for my other loves, sci-fi and fantasy. So here we go. Let’s start finding our next great escape, shall we?

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